About ME

My previous profession as a midwife is integral to who I am, my creativity and how I interact with the versatile and varied material of clay. My skills and understanding of materiality facilitate the realization of ideas and values within my work. Presence or being-with underpins my creativity which is reflected in my making. Such values facilitate accessibility and interaction with the viewer, each other and their surroundings.

Vessels hold something within them albeit fluids, food or the ideas and values of the maker. They have been used by people for many purposes, and have an integral resonance with us, giving parts of a pot names of the body like foot, neck, and belly. Clay reflects the geology, time, and place much as we do. It allows me to create, is always contemporary enabling expression, interaction with both the material and personal embodied experience.

Artists Book from my BA The Joy of Clays Diversity

Video: Journey in Clay with Process and Light from Clare Stephens on Vimeo

Article: https://studentblogs.cardiffmet.ac.uk/from-midwife-to-ceramicist-my-journey-as-a-cardiff-met-mature-student/

Clay is my passion